StarTrek Communicator = Cellphone

TreeHugger loves DIYers. And recycling/repairing. And StarTrek. Ok, maybe not StarTrek so much. Check it: Boy Genius takes StarTrek Communicator and hacks it so that it uses Bluetooth to connect to the mobile in your pocket. This is your ticket to fame in the hood! "Classic Communicator hailing signal" and all. Sold for $516 on Ebay. Now if only we could get this dude figuring out how to make the 100,000,000 European mobiles disposed/yr cool again.[by Graham Hill] *See extended for more pics and the glove-phone!::StarTrek Communicator

And Jason Bradbury has taken a driving glove and made it into a cell-phone. He made it so that one flick of the wrist answers the phone, two redials the previous call and if he holds it open, he can voice-dial. Clearly, a man about town...:The glove-phone