Spying on Agriculture with Google Earth

farm view overhead

Photo via Sam Beebe/ Ecotrust via Flickr CC

Awhile back we talked about most cage-free eggs being certified as "humane." One of the things we mentioned is that if you really want to know whether or not your eggs are coming from happy chickens, you should visit the farm. Or here's another idea...zoom in on them via Google Earth. US Food Policy blog did just that, and has a collection of 10 sites that are examples of who and what is changing the face of US food policy. The site outlines 10 sites that have a stake in US farming policy. They include everything from CAFOs:

cafo farms image

to Polyface Farm:

polyface farm image

from the largest slaughter house:

slaughter house image

to the largest urban community farm in the US:

urban farm image

Check out the full list of hot spots that exemplify food policy issues at US Food Policy, and if you're feeling up to a little snooping of your own, hop on Google Earth and check out your local, and not so local, farming operations.

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