Sputnik Observatory Video Project Kinda Like TED, But Not (Video)

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Image via website screengrab

Sputnik Inc, a group that documents contemporary culture through video interviews with the world's top thinkers, has recently launched its site, providing videos previously unavailable to the pubic, and giving a resource to viewers who like to ponder the fringe ideas and innovations driving our world forward. It's a bit like TED, but in a more intimate interview setting, with great minds talking about everything from biology to architecture to renewable energy. Examples of some of the fascinating conversations housed on Sputnik Observatory:

Ralph Metzner discusses the theory that the atmosphere is like a shell, like "the outcasting of life" that is created by the organisms living on the earth.

Brief thinking point by Hal Puthoff about the holy grail of energy sources

Andreas Vogler discusses urban metabolism and our role in influencing ecosystems.

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