"Soul Cell" Collapsible Solar Powered Lamp Perfect for Camping

soul cell light image
Images via Jesper Jonsson

When we see solar powered lighting, it is usually in the form of a flashlight or a little lantern for lawns. But here is a great concept for a pocket-sized collapsible lantern that can be taken on camping trips, evening picnics, or other evens where a little off-grid illumination would come in handy. While the Soul Cell is still only a concept device and so doesn't have specifics on how long it needs to sit in the sun to shine for an hour, devices like this usually don't need all that much time in the sun for an hour or two of light. If you were to hook it on the back of your pack while hiking or have it hanging in a sunny spot at the camp site for the day, you'd probably easily get 2-3 hours of decent light.

soul cell light image
soul cell light image

It might not be quite as perfect as our favorite solar powered flashlight, but it'll still do the trick for providing a little light to see by in the tent without taking up much room in the backpack. We also like that the strap is attached by magnets, so it doesn't get in the way while charging, yet can be attached in any way needed to hang it from just about anywhere. Smart.

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