Sony ODO Twirl N' Take Hand-powered Digital Camera


Sony introduced the ODO series of gadgets in mid-2007 to demonstrate new advances in hand-chargable devices, easy to blog-love. Now Sony has brought out the ODO Twirl N' Take prototype. Twirl N' Take is a digital camera which sits in a clever flowerpot USB cradle, making the most of the sleek stem-and-circle design. For more pics and details on the charging technique, check over the fold.


The Twirl N' Take is recharged by rolling the rubber circumference of the round wheel housing across a table or other hard surface. 15 pushes required per snap. The construction appears considerably more durable than many of the crank-and-play products which have recently hit the market more as cheap gimmicks than reliable off-grid equipment. Additionally, Sony plans to minimize lifecycle impacts by employing recycled plastics in the ODO line.

The camera is built into the handle, and in the round end, Twirl N' Take has a built-in power meter (pictured at left). So you can keep track of how the charging progress is going. Ironically, there is no display screen on the device itself, presumably to save power. That flowerpot will come in handy if you want to see how your snapshots look.

The ODO products appear to still be in the prototype phase. When and if they come to market, the flower analogy will probably be realized as the green-and-white cameras sell by the dozen.

Via ::Engadget