Sony Does the Time Warp Again to Promote Recycling


Wondering why that Sony commercial is trying to sell you a bulky cassette-tape deck from the '70s? The electronics giant is taking the three Rs—reduce, reuse, and recycle—to heart.

Sony is ramping up its recycling effort with dozens of events at which consumers can drop off old Sony electronics for free. And, as part of its marketing campaign, the company is rerunning vintage commercials featuring clunky, archaic equipment that were, once upon a time, oh-so cutting edge.

Stuart Redsun, senior vice president of corporate marketing, unveiled mock-up TV ads at a press meeting on Wednesday to emphasize that Sony is "recycling our old commercials to remind you to recycle your old electronics." If you have any of ye olde products stashed away in a dusty attic corner or garage somewhere, it just might be time to put the past behind you. ::Ad Age

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