SolarCity to Offer Chargers for Electric Cars (Solar-Powered, of Course!)

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The conducting tread in this story is Elon Musk: The CEO of Tesla Motors is also the chairman of SolarCity, so it is any surprise that SolarCity would start to offer solar-powered chargers for electric cars? (In fact, it's not the first time they do this) Candace Lombardi writes: "the company is partnering with EV charger manufacturer ClipperCreek, which will supply chargers that use the standard SAE-J1772 charge cable. Installation of a 240-volt Level II charger, which typically charges an EV battery to full capacity in about four hours, for a home or business will start at $1,500 including the price of the charger, according to SolarCity."

More details at CNET. See also: Tesla Inks $100 Million Deal with Toyota for RAV4 EV

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