Solar SunTable Is Perfect Patio Furniture for Green Geeks

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Image via SunTable

Ever want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, only to find you have no place to plug in your laptop? Sun Table has the solution. This outdoor table, made of stainless steel, aluminum, teak, and silicon solar panels, is designed to be a sturdy table that also provides power for your favorite electronic toys.
Sun Table comes with a built-in battery that reaches full charge in what is said to be four hours in full sunlight, and will beep when the batteries are running low.The manufacturer recommend using the table in the cooler parts of the day, while letting it charge during hours of most direct sunlight. The table looks as if it can also charge in partial sunlight, though it will obviously take longer to reach full energy capacity.

The table comes equipped with an on/off switch, as well as with a voltage and an hour meter, which display the time and voltage remaining in the table, respectively. Designed for the outdoors, all components are weatherproof, including the digital displays. It can power a variety of devices, including laptops, DVD players, televisions, water purifiers and lights.

The Sun Table's solar panels have a life expectancy of 25 years, and the batteries will last a few years each. Once the table no longer works or it is no longer needed, it is said 90% of its parts are recyclable. According to Uncrate, the table is going for about $2,200, which is a bit steep, but the makers are hoping the idea of generating free, renewable energy will entice buyers.

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