Solar Powered Warning System Helps Critters Avoid Becoming Roadkill

roadkill concept image

Images via Yanko Design

Roadkill might look good for those people seeking a free food source during the recession, but for the most part, cars and critters colliding is no fun. Awhile back we saw that Colorado was active in finding a techy solution that saves animals and prevents car accidents. The state - and everyone - might want to take note of a concept design by Sungi Kim & Hozin Song called Zerokill. The Zerokill system is fairly simple. Solar powered poles are installed alongside roadways where wildlife often crosses. Infrared sensors inside the poles detect when animals are nearby and subtle LED lights start blinking to warn cars that a creature is near the roadway. It also reflects car headlights out into the side of the road so animals get a heads up that cars are coming.

roadkill concept image

By being solar powered, it sounds like the system would require little maintenance, making it practical for back country roads and highways as well as more trafficked roads. One concern though is how quickly it can detect and send a signal about deer dashing onto the road or coyotes quickly trotting past the sensors? It's likely not a 100% fatality-proof possibility, but would likely go a long way in helping.

Combine this with an effort to quit littering roadways with food that attracts animals, and perhaps numbers of incidents would decline.

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