Solar-powered seed sowing machines spread flowers when air pollution rises

eco seed sowing machine
© Michael Jantzen

A new concept for air pollution detection takes a very different approach than what we've seen before. We usually cover sensor-packed devices that alert us to air pollution with sounds or colors or, like the Air Quality Egg, upload and map that data for the whole world to see, but the Eco Seed Sowing Machines by artist and inventor Michael Jantzen are something all-together different.

The solar-powered machines would be filled with flower seeds and when on-board sensors detect high pollution levels, the machine would release small quantities of those seeds. As elevated pollution continues, the machine would keep releasing seeds. The effect would be that the more polluted an area becomes, the more flowers grow in the area around the device, which would signal the need for better quality in a beautiful and artistic way.

Jantzen calls the machines, "A symbolic public art response to environmental degradation," but if actually implemented they could be more than that. The solar-powered silos could be a way to measure air quality around the country, with data collected and mapped to show pollution trends and spots that need the most help. The bonus would be more beautiful flowers to look at too.

Solar-powered seed sowing machines spread flowers when air pollution rises
The structures would be equipped with sensors that detect when air pollution increases and react by releasing flower seeds as a way to call attention to the problem in a beautiful way.

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