Solar "Powered" Netbooks May Take Slapping Solar Cells on Gadgets One Step Too Far

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We're all for charging your laptop with solar power, and have spent quite a bit of time talking about possible devices to help you do that. And we also can't help but get a little giddy when gadgets incorporate solar power for charging. But, if we feel a little unsure about leaving a solar powered cell phone out in the sun to charge, are we even remotely comfortable about doing that with a netbook? New models from iUnika tests our limits. iUnika has unveiled a model of netbook that incorporates a solar cell in the lid. The thing is, to run even an energy-sipping netbook you need either a small solar cell that is incredibly efficient, or a lot more surface area than what you're getting here. Considering the price tag for this little netbook is a mere $200, you can bet that solar cell isn't the highest grade. Which means, you're not going to get much of a charge...and...who honestly feels comfortable leaving a netbook out in the sun? According the The Inquirer, the panels look about big enough to produce 4 watts of power, which would keep the battery topped off when the netbook is switched off. That is, if you can bare to set your computer in the sun for hours.

At least to keep with the green theme, iUnika constructed the case of the GYY out of bioplastics, and other organic, biodegradable materials. A few geeky details: they weigh a featherweight 700 grams, have a 400MHz processor, run Linux, have 64GB of flash memory along with 128MB of RAM, WiFi and a 10/100 Ethernet card, and an 8" 800 X 480 resolution screen.

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