Solar Powered Blogging on a Bike Trip


Steve Paine is an Englishman in Germany who has undertaken a pleasant journey by bike, and is blogging the whole trip by solar-powered PC. He is travelling down to Southern Germany, along the Rhein, which should take around 7 days.

He is using a UMPC, a type of very small laptop, which seems perfect for a trip like this. Not only is it small and easy to transport, but its energy usage is very low compared to a large laptop. The idea of self sufficient computing, unburdened from having to find a power point every few hours, appeals greatly to me. If you only use a laptop for tasks like checking email or writing word documents, then you may want to consider a UMPC – not only is it more friendly to your wallet than a laptop, but also to your shoulder and the environment.

Here’s a snippet from a recent post. "Although it’s been warm it’s been very cloudy today. Much cloudier than yesterday and yet I still managed to get some charge into the Li-Ion battery and (I think) something into the lead-acid battery. Despite that though I'm using my spare battery and thinking carefully how to use the UMPC more efficiently. Daytime use (like now!) is not the best as the backlight needs to be turned right up. That's draining an extra 2 watts compared to evening use when I can drop the backlight to minimum." ::Solar-UMPC

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