Solar-Powered Bench Is Eco- And Geek-Friendly

solarbench illustrationPhoto courtesy of: Coroflot

The Solar Inside, a collectively designed concept bench, is so much more than just a park bench.

Imagined by designers Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, and Owen Song, the Solar Inside's made with thin-film solar which works in a variety of weather conditions. The rechargeable battery not only turns the bench into a night-light but also provides wifi access. solarbench image 2Photo courtesy of: Coroflot

The frame is made from both recycled plastic and recycled aluminum. And its self-contained modular design allows the bench to be installed anywhere. Though, the wifi access could make for some limitations. Maybe plant it within range of one of these.

I bet Meraki wouldn't mind.

solarbench image 3Photo courtesy of: Coroflot

I think back support would be nice addition. Plus we need space for all those dedication plaques. I'd also like a spot to plug in my mobile.

And while I'm not quite sure how well it would actually charge in adverse weather conditions, it would probably hold up better than this one in the rain.

solarbench image 5Photo courtesy of: Coroflot

Via Design Scene and Tuvie

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