Solar Power and Bluetooth Bring Coolness to Gigantic Headphones

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Sticking a solar cell on any old gadget has been the trend for too long. Now we want to see ways in which incorporating solar power makes gear look good too. Shepeleff Stephen is on the task, coming up with these headphones that will make you not feel like complete dork while wearing them, unlike other wearable solar power ideas we've seen.Ecofriend writes:

While many of us are just wondering about a world where renewable energy will rule every sphere of life, Romania-based Shepeleff Stephen, is working on ways to make it as fresh as possible. An engineering student at the Transylvania University of Brasov, Stephen is envisioning a world where solar energy will make each and every gadget green. The designer has developed Bluetooth headphones, called the Q-SOUND, which charge themselves using the energy of the sun.

solar headphone image

The concept headphones boast solar cells across the top of the headband in a hexagonal design, which would charge two removable rechargeable NiMH batteries with an electric capacity of 800mAh and operating voltage of 1.2V. A fully charged headset is able to run for up to 40 hours, running Bluetooth, an mp3 player, or other bluetooth enabled device.

It may not being nearly as discrete as earbuds, but it's a whole lot more functional of an idea. Loads more images are available at Ecofriend.
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