Solar Fish Dryer At Odaimanagar


Via "The Hindu" here's a field prototype "solar-powered fish-drying unit installed at Odaimanagar, a fishing hamlet in Besant Nagar". It was donated by the Germany Leprosy and TB Relief Association, and subsidized in part The Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency "as part of the tsunami livelihood rehabilitation project." Air-drying fish takes many days and invites fly infestation, replete with eggs and maggots, making the product unfit for consumption. Heavy brine preservation limits market appeal, and the other possible method, the application of electrical heat, has drawbacks that need no further explanation. As reported in The Hindu, the solar fish drier can dry nearly 70 kg of fish in one batch. It's use should also free up large areas of beach for other uses. Hopefully there might be an odor control benefit as well. What other food, fiber, or mineral dehydration operations can be better accomplished with solar technology in the developing world? This is an absolutely critical question for designers to address, given that the preponderance of the world's population growth for decades to come will be in developing nations.