Solar Bench Lets You Charge Your Gadgets While You Work Outside

solar bench© Green Sun Rising

Now that it's summer, the lure of sunny days make working inside pretty painful, but for a lot of people, working inside is the only choice. Even if you were allowed to work outside, the glare on your laptop screen coupled with no good place to plug it in would make it less than ideal.

Through a marriage of solar technology and good design, the Solar Bench from Ontario's Green Sun Rising is what an office worker's dreams are made of. A picnic table outfitted with solar panels that provide shade to cut the glare on your screen and charge your devices with clean energy while you work outdoors.

solar bench 2© Green Sun Rising

The picnic table and benches are made of weather-proofed cedar, while an aluminum frame supports three flexible, thin-film solar panels that have an output of over 200 W. The table features a built-in battery for storing the energy generated by the panels and to act as back-up power on cloudy days. The solar canopy also has 2W LED lights for working or just hanging out after it gets dark.

As Gizmag reports, the Solar Bench is on display at the company's headquarters, but is also for sale. Those interested are asked to call for pricing, which means it's probably not cheap, but for companies that are looking to improve their employees' summertime morale, it might be a good investment.

Solar Bench Lets You Charge Your Gadgets While You Work Outside
The bench's solar panels provide shade and juice for your laptop.

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