Software Helps Mexican Companies Reduce Paper Use

Opaque_Laser.jpgLast year, we wrote about Greenprint, a software program that allows you see the whole document, easily click on what you want to keep and what you want to disappear, and then prints it. Not only does this save forests; it also saves money on paper, disposal and ink cartridges.

ONx Sistemas de Información is a Mexican software development company that has launched EQDZ Pro Content Management System, a Web-based program designed to help companies cut down paper use by eliminating the need to print reams of documents. The software specifically targets companies that are required to deal with ISO quality standards and all the forms involved with that process.

"A company that is subject to a quality standards requires forms to register information and papers to administer its procedures," said Héctor Sánchez, director general of ONx. "This software helps those companies avoid using paper entirely to complete the process." ONx Sistemas de Información

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