Snorkeling Scientists Could Keep A Close Eye on Corals

iucn coral report image

Image via IUCN

The International Union for Conservation of Nature says that snorkel toting scientists might be the next coral reef protection brigade, noting that smaller teams of observers flitting around the reefs making notes on underwater paper could be the perfect way to assess coral formations and health during climate change. Warmer waters, bad fishing practices, and acidification are endangering coral reefs, something we keep a close eye on here at TreeHugger since the health of coral reefs determines to a significant degree the health of our oceans as a whole.

But snorkeling scientists can give the fast assessments needed to take speedy action to help protect them. The IUCN released a report stating a protocol that defines basic resilience indicators that can be quantified using rapid assessment methods. And at a briefing this week, the group noted such methods can include teams of snorkelers.

Wouldn't you just love to be a citizen scientist tasked to that!

Via IUCN via Reuters
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