Sneak Peek at Environmental Film "Home" Released (Video)


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Google's Blog announced that a 90-minute, full-length documentary called Home will be available on YouTube on June 5, right on time for World Environment Day. The film is a collection of aerial footage of our planet, and shows why we have go go into high-speed mode when it comes to preservation efforts. It sounds amazing, and luckily, you don't have to wait until June 5 to get a taste. Click through for a sneak preview.

Through stunning displays of aerial camerawork, the film will give people from all corners of the world a glimpse of our planet like never before and visually demonstrate the urgency for preservation efforts. In addition to its Internet premiere, "Home" will be shown in movie theaters and outdoors on big screens at key locations around the globe. It will also air on TV stations around the world. Using this unique distribution model, one with a massive online and offline effort, the film creators are able to reach the widest audience possible. So whether you'd prefer to head to the theaters, watch it under the stars, or just stay put on the couch -- the way you view "Home" is up to you.

We're pretty excited for Home to come out, and even more excited that it will be released on a tool like YouTube. Making media like this available to everyone is a big part of encouraging and educating people about why small steps, big steps, any steps towards going green helps...and more importantly, why. Free, accessible, digestible, impactful information available to anyone is a good thing.

Via Google Blog
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