Smiling Switch Makes You Happy to Conserve Electricity

smile switch photo

Images via Yanko

Would making your switches look adorable help you to conserve energy? A design by Zhou Yide, Euphe Mo, Hang Zhou & Christine Liu tests the theory. The switch is circular, and when you've turned it off, it looks like it is smiling joyfully at you.

smile switch photo

It really is an adorable idea. We've seen a lot of concepts for switches that encourage people to turn them off, or unplug a device, or simply be aware how much energy is consumed, but none look quite as cute as this.

It also has earned recognition, winning a Liteon Award earlier in the year. The goal of the competition is this:

"Living in the modern world means being flooded with convenient but far from environmentally sustainable products. The Lite-On Award invites designers to get back to the basics. Let's think about how to breath new life into our products through green thinking. Let's think about how to reconnect to the planet and keep it flourishing."

Think a smiling light switch accomplishes that?

The only down side is the smiling mouth lights up at night so you can find the switch, which means a little more energy than necessary is consumed. Perhaps if this makes it to market, that'll be an optional feature.

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