Smart Router Acts as Key Holder, Cuts Power When You Leave the House

futurerouter energy saver photo

Image via FutureRouters

A very clever router idea from FutureRouters poses the possibility of not only keeping you really organized when it comes to tracking where your keys are located, but would also save energy by cutting power when you grab your keys and leave the house. The idea is simple - the router is on when your keys are hanging from it, marking you're home and will need it to function. But when the last person out the door grabs their keys to go, the router cuts power and saves energy.

Of course there are problems, such as how to hide a clunky router but still have your keys in a convenient place. And issues with when you do and don't want power that clash with keys - what if you want to hang a spare set that don't get used often and therefore keeps the router turned on, or want to have it shut off at night but then where do you hang your keys? Conundrums!

Still the idea is neat and could be extended to other home automation ideas such as lights and gadgets on stand-by.

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