Smart Meters So Hot, They Cause Fights

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The Smart Meter industry is really taking off. That means tech firms that want to solidify contracts in the UK are starting to have to duke it out.

An (expected) upcoming mandate will require a smart meter to be installed in every British home, so the tech companies involved in the industry now have the need to begin talks about the resulting run on contracts.

In recent weeks the government and the energy industry has agreed to a broad strategy on how smart meters will be introduced and how the huge amount of data generated from the new meters will be processed. The contract for the central information-processing repository alone is expected to run in the multi-billion pound range.

That is an enticing amount of money for telecom and tech companies involved in the industry who create the infrastructure behind the information transmission.

A blanketing rollout will begin in 2010 when each of the big six [energy] companies will be responsible for installing the new meters. The project is expected to cost about £7 billion – or about £15 per home – each year. The reduced operating cost for energy providers and the energy conservation generated by the smart meters is expected to more than offset the total cost of the project.

It is expected the project in its entirety will take 12 years to complete, and no one is entirely sure how they’ll divvy up the contracts.

No matter what happens, this is further evidence that smart meters are the next big thing, and they’ll soon be revolutionizing the way we consume energy.

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