Smart Meters Hitting Everywhere - Even In Idaho

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Idaho is grabbing on to the smart meter wave and has teamed up with Landis+Gyr for 450,000 smart meters. The meters will be installed over the next three years, and will help with information transmission and energy savings.

Idaho Power has shown a full grasp for what smart meters and the smart grid is all about through combining these smart meters with another set of cool smarty-pants units. Idaho Power is installing about 450,000 two-way communication devices from Aclara Power-Line Systems, called TWACS units, that will transmit information over standard power lines and collects information about specific timer intervals for more precise billing and better support for power management services.

Smart Information To Get Smart Savings
Working in conjunction with the smart meters, the TWACS units will put Idaho Power on the radar for high-level smart grid systems. Using existing power lines for transmitting grid information is ideal to cut down on costs. Because much of their turf is rural, they want the least amount of hardware going out as possible so maintenance costs, as well as meter-reading costs can be minimized — especially important since the project will cost upwards of $70 million, though that is just a drop in the bucket compared to Texas' $690 million smart meter installation, which again is only a drop in the bucket of Southern California's $1.63 billion installation.

See smart meters are all the rage.

Smart Meter Installation Is Exciting Progress
Idaho Power has already utilized the devices in a pilot project of 25,000 over the last four years, and are jazzed about the results. So implementing on a larger scale is something they're excited about doing. The installation serves as a foundation for future smart grid actions like real-time pricing

"The potential benefits of advanced metering to ratepayers and the company are too great to delay," said the Idaho Public Utilities Commission in a released statement.

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