Smart Grids Are the Big Thing of 2009


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IBM's Venture Capital Group is keeping an eye on the next big target for the greening of America - and for clean tech investing - and its convinced 2009 will be the year of the smart grid. reports:

"I'm more convinced than ever that it's just about to happen," said Drew Clark of IBM's Venture Capital Group. "Cleantech may be the only category that is left relatively unscathed and [venture capitalists] are looking to put new money into traditional IT type of companies and smart grid is exactly that."

IBM's venture capital investment patterns can be viewed as a weathervane of upcoming trends. The group doesn't make direct investments in start-up companies but does meet with them, and other venture capitalists, in order to determine what technology trends are developing on the horizon. IBM then will determine how it can diversify its strategy to meet with the emerging technologies.

In other words, paying attention to where IBM's Venture Capital Group is looking will typically unveil where investments across the board are going.

The Obama administration is already getting pushed by those in the industry to focus on smart grids, and rightfully so. The technology is necessary for making homes and utilities more efficient, lower our carbon footprints significantly, will allow us to implement new renewable resources like solar and wind into the grid, and the upgrades will provide jobs in a shaky economy.

The smart grid is inevitable, but it is exciting to see such a push for it during 2009.

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