Smart Grid May Gain Standards by Summer

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We've talked a bit on TreeHugger about the issue of standardization that stands in the way of smart grids being implemented nationwide. Well, there might be a road map by as soon as this summer.

"What's desperately needed is an overall road map," said Patrick Gallagher, deputy director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in testimony at a hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Gallagher's agency has the primary task of coordinating the adoption of a framework for smart grid devices and systems. Many of the standards will be set by the private sector, but Gallagher said his agency would help coordinate that process.

This is really great news considering the technology is making leaps and bounds in improvements, and just needs a well marked path so that everything being created can be implemented.

While we will only have drafts of standards by this summer, that is better than nothing. Though it will likely take a whole lot of drafts before something is finalized and implemented. Zigbee has been the unofficial industry standard for smart devices, meters and utility communications. But this will be the first draft of a set of standards and protocols to have an official feel.

Via Reuters
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