Smart Grid Cyber War Games Test Security Risks

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Photo via Fermion via Flickr CC

During the month of July, the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) is going to start up "cyberwar games" with utilities to test out the security of the power grid in general, with an eye on security issues for the smart grid. There are already concerns that spies have been able to hack into the power grid. Getting Ender's Game with the grid will help determine how vulnerable computer networks running our power supplies are, and how breachable the smart grid may be. The Wall Street Journal reports "As the administration of President Barack Obama draws up plans to fund a high-tech, electric "smart grid," [NERC Chief Security Officer Michael] Assante said, 'we think it's a really good time to have one concerted effort to evaluate preparedness of the sector.'... Lawmakers are pushing at least three different proposals to boost cybersecurity in the electric sector, including measures that would give the federal government authority to issue regulations to combat imminent threats."

Testing out security risks now while the smart grid is just getting rolling is important to ensure it is built solidly from the beginning. Security is at the top of the list of fears about implementing the smart grid; but as we've stated before, that shouldn't be a reason to slow down progress.

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