Slicer Sled: Who Needs Snow?

slicer-sled photo

Here is an idea whose time may be coming sooner than we would like: the Slicer Sled. Instead of having to find a snow-covered hill, you just attach blocks of ice, conveniently frozen at home, and clip them into your sled.

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Whistler BC, February 2019
Inside the SLICER's hollow, double-walled construction are two patent pending (in USA, Canada, and Europe) Icers that can be removed (from within the inside of the sled) and then used to freeze and form thin ice blocks that can then be easily attached to the bottom of the SLICER. When outdoor temperatures are above freezing, the melting ice provides for a very slippery surface.

slicer ice pack image

Slicer Ice Pack

No more worries about the future of ski resorts, particularly if I can duct tape those blocks to my snowboard. via Cool Hunting
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