Silent Snow Documentary Shows Greenland's Plight

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Photo of Greenland via Wili-hybrid

Silent Snow is a powerful short film documenting the pollution that affects the Inuits of Greenland. The pollution circulates from all over the world up to Greenland where it concentrates in the fish, seals and whales - food for the Inuit. At one point the young woman featured in the film states that she will still eat the contaminated food, even though she knows how toxic it is. Their cuisine, after all, is part of their environment, culture and history. She says, "They want us to eat hamburgers from the places that pollute us."

Click through to watch a clip of the documentary highlighting the toxic streams that threaten this area of the world. Synopsis of Silent Snow:

A silent assassin is destroying the Inuit community in Greenland. Chemical residues from all over the world accumulate here invisibly, poisoning humans and animals. Via currents in the ocean and attached to snow, pesticides like DDT are carried northbound into Inuit land, causing illness and premature death. Silent Snow is a documentary project investigating, together with the people who are affected the most, what turns out to be a structural pollution of the entire global environmental system.

Not only is the pollution's affect on humans discussed, but also the fact that with the ice melts comes problems for polar bears, fishing, travel for the Inuit communities and innumerable other issues.

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