Shipping Containers Perfect for Emergency Waste Water Treatment

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Clean water in disaster areas and developing nations is a major element in being able to deal with improvements. An ingenious use of shipping containers and waste water treatment methods is helping to make clean water and waste treatment easier than ever.

The Deployable Aqueous Aerobic Bioreactor, or DAAB, was developed by the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies at Sam Houston State University, and PCDworks. And it seems to be anything anyone could want for easy, quick treatment of a whole lot of waste water.The system uses 40-long shipping containers as facilities for portable waste water treatment.

The system is able to convert wastewater to EPA acceptable standards within 24-48 hours and being housed in a 40-foot-long shipping container makes it completely portable. DAAB is able to treat wastewater for up to 600 people per day; roughly a battalion of soldiers. The biological processing unit uses specially selected bacteria to "clean" wastewater, removing organic and inorganic materials so water can be released into the environment with no harmful consequences.

Not only that, but it is self-sustaining, and can be controlled via the Internet, helping to reduce maintenance costs. Set up happens within just a few hours, and it functions independently for six-month stretches. Using shipping containers (hopefully repurposed) is even smarter since cargo carriers are already designed for these to fit easily on shipments, so transportation is a breeze.

The US army is very interested in using these for military camps, and units are to be shipped to Iraq by 2010. These units are also perfect for disaster areas like New Orleans after Katrina, able to be set up quickly after an event so that the spread of contageons due to dirty water can be lowered. Developing nations can also use this cheap and reliable way to clean up dirty water.

Via Gizmag
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