Shell Shills for Carbon Capture and Storage: Webcast June 19th

Shell CCS Webcast

"Imagine you could press a button that would reduce overall CO2 levels in the atmosphere by up to 20 ppm by 2050? (That's like wiping out more than 30 years' worth of global emissions from today's entire stock of planes, trains, buses, boats, lorries and cars.) You'd do it, wouldn't you?"

This Thursday, June 19th at 4pm UK time (that's 11am here on the east coast of the US) Shell will be hosting a webcast with John Barry, VP Unconventionals, Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 where you can participate in a live discussion of all things CCS.

Access the webcast and pre-register for other Shell web events through the link below. It should be interesting what sorts of questions John Barry gets. I trust some dedicated Treehugger readers will keep him on his toes.

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