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There are a lot of options out there for green web hosting. In an effort to green up an energy and resource intensive industry, some use carbon offsets, some sign up for green power plans with power companies. Canvas Dreams, however, is one web hosting company that goes farther than most to be as eco friendly as possible. They shrug off even the thought of carbon offsets and instead go to the root of the problems - green power, a small data center footprint, and keeping electronics in the consumer stream. Canvas Dreams, with headquarters in Portland and Scotland, purchases their power directly from Portland General Electric, a utility that uses locally generated wind power. So the data center is powered as directly as possible from wind power.

The company states, "Portland General Electric's Clean Wind Program enables us to purchase renewable wind power generated at wind farms in the Pacific Northwest, including PGE's Biglow Canyon wind farm project. The new power is fed onto the grid to offset our consumption of electricity from non-renewable sources. Unlike carbon offset programs, Clean Wind enables us to purchase new electricity from local wind sources to directly benefit the Pacific Northwest environment and economy. It's as close as we can get to plugging a wind farm directly into our data facility!"

Their data center in Scotland is also powered 100% by wind through ScottishPower.

The company also purchases their data center equipment outright, rather than leasing it, and often buying refurbished equipment that they fix up, helping to keep perfectly good equipment in the consumer stream. Beyond refurbished equipment, they also use efficient mini dedicated servers. "Weighing just three pounds and built using cleaner manufacturing methods, drawing little power and generating almost zero heat, our mini green servers are the latest addition to our sustainable hosting initiative." And when they have equipment that needs to be recycled, they participate in local recycling.

Some of the other things they do is maintain a telecommuting program with their employees to cut down on how many miles are driven by employees each year, also taking advantage of carpooling and public transportation for employees heading to the office.

Their sustainable practices don't stop here, and as you read through what all Canvas Dreams does to keep the footprint low for web hosting, it makes you wonder why not all companies are following their lead.

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