Seedbomb Instills Fear And Plants Trees

seedbomb illustration Photo courtesy of: Coroflot

The Seedbomb, an unintentional eco-terrorist, is a non-military "bomb" designed for protecting the earth.

When the Seedbomb is dropped, it disassembles mid-air. Within it are seed "warheads" that are then dispersed over a large area. It's kinda like the Michael Bay version of guerrilla gardening.The bombs are intended for combating both deforestation and desertification.

seedbomb illustrationPhoto courtesy of: Coroflot

The seeds are housed inside capsules made of artificial soil: they provide nourishment and moisture to the seed. As the sapling matures, the capsule degrades leaving only the new plant.

The concept is inspired by the legend of American pilot Lieutenant Gale S. Halverson's and his Operation Gum Drop (it probably wasn't called that). After World War II, he started airdropping small handkerchief parachutes of candy for children in Germany.

But the first thing designers Hwang Jin wook, Jeon You ho, Han Kuk il and Kim Ji myung need to give this thing is a good round of PR. The name Seedbomb isn't going to fly.

Take notes from the U.S. military! When they build something meant to open a Hiroshima-sized can of whoop-ass, they at least make sound all snuggly soft - for example, the Peacekeeper.

Personally, I think I'll stick to these kinds of bombs.

seedbomb illustrationPhoto courtesy of: Coroflot

seedbomb illustrationPhoto courtesy of: Coroflot

Source [Yanko Design]

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