Second Rotation: Get Cash for Your Old Electronics


E-waste is a huge problem facing our increasingly plugged-in world, and though Staples is trying to stem the tide, there are still tons of electronics that needlessly go in the landfill. A new company called Second Rotation is adding a new option for your old consumer electronics, and it can help you make a little cash. Last week, they launched their "online exchange dedicated to giving individual consumers an easy way to sell pre-owned lifestyle goods on the Web." Their initial focus is on the ubiquitous consumer electronics -- cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, PDAs, etc. -- and are attempting to streamline the service offered by other sites like eBay to make it easier for individuals to get rid of their stuff. Offering cash for them is a good incentive for folks to keep their used (but still working) electronics from going in the trash when the newest gotta-have-it hits stores. Their "dynamic pricing calculator" helps determine, almost in real time, the value of whatever you want to unload; 10 days or so after you send it to Second Rotation, you'll have cash money burning a hole in your pocket. When added to services like those available at Freecycle and Craigslist, there's really no reason you have to throw away anything with even a little life in it. ::Second Rotation via ::Core77

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