Second Generation Ergonomic Backpack


Last year we were delighted to hear about Lawrence Rome's innovative backpack design. His energy generating backpack concept made headlines and found astounding support. One of the unexpected benefits of his support system was that people found it was more comfortable, and felt lighter. Rome had hinted last year that this might be just as big a discovery as the innovative energy capture system. The past year has seen testing of this design, and found that the bungee design does indeed make for a lighter load.The unique suspension system reduces the jarring vertical force an impressive 82 to 86 percent. Not only does this make carrying a heavy load easier on the old back, but makes moving quickly far more comfortable.

"Being able to move at relatively high speeds is crucial for many professions (firemen, first responders, disaster relief workers, army, and police) as well as in some athletic competitions and recreation," says Rome. "If you have ever tried to run with a heavy backpack, it is almost impossible because of the large shocks to your knees and ankles. What is striking about our ergonomic backpack is that one can feel the 86 percent reduction in force with each and every step."

Rome has a company, Lightning Packs, that is working to bring these designs to consumers, and in an e-mail correspondence Rome suggested that suspension backpacks may be in stores for the 2007-2008 holiday season. ::Lightning Packs