"Seat Savers" Are Best (and Grossest) Idea For Riding Public Transit

seat savers photo

Photo with permission from Kelsey Avers

They go utterly against etiquette for riding muni, but these seat savers have something wonderfully tempting about them when you really just want some space on the bus. I spotted these on Muni Diaries, a San Francisco-based blog that features the ups and downs of public transit in the city. And they might provide you with an "up" moment if you can eek out some extra space on a crowded bus. After all, who is going to just wipe off melted ice cream and take the seat? Not many people.

Granted, it's kind of mean -- after all, one should only take up as much room as necessary on public transit so that everyone has a seat if needed. But if you're having a one-of-those-days days, then it might be good to sneak one of these on a seat.

They were at fake food vendor Jeremy's Place, though the site seems to be down now.

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