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You don't have to thrash about the wilds of Google for your eco-conscious queries, true believers. GreenMaven's niche-based search engine pulls results from thousands of environment-positive Web sites and news stories to help you narrow it down, whether you're looking for vegetable-tanned leather pumps or a green moving company."People want to go green, but they often don't know where to start or even what questions to ask," says Joey Shepp, founder of Green Maven. "Green Maven makes searching for all things green as easy as using Google. If you search for socks, you get organic socks. If you search for cars, you get hybrid cars. Our mission is to make it easy for mainstream to go green."

You can also browse the sites by category or add your own earth-friendly site to the mix. Plus, a handy browser-based plugin lets you add GreenMaven to your Google homepage. :: GreenMaven