SciSpy iPhone App Turns Citizen Science Into Neighborhood Adventure Hunt

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A new app from Discovery's Science Channel will have you crawling around the backyard with your iPhone hunting for strange bugs and odd flowers, and claiming the title of citizen scientist. With this app, you can participate in a whole community of people interested in the flora and fauna growing around us, and help scientists (the professional kind) discover more within their research projects. The free app is perfect for those of us curious about nature and wanting to contribute to a better universal understanding of the environment. Similar to the NOAH app, you take a photo, upload it, and learn more about what you just saw. Your photo is automatically date stamped, geo-mapped, and classified so the work on your end for contributing is incredibly minimal. Also, you're helping fill the database of information that is used by "real" scientists studying nature.

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"Everyday we have the opportunity to make scientific observations, but without the time, tools or training...well, it's just never going happen... As long as you have the SciSpy app on your iPhone, all you have to do is capture and submit photos of living things: a unique bug on your kitchen floor (a new species perhaps?), or an unusual-looking mushroom you find sprouting in your backyard," states the app's description on iTunes.

I've downloaded it onto my phone and today am planning to head out to the part and see what I can spy!

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