Science Holds Key to Greener Future

The UK Government's chief scientific adviser, David King, speaks about the human need for science in a recent BBC article. "The challenges facing science, and humanity, as we move through the 21st Century are manifold. I would place none higher than the test we face in our stewardship of planet Earth. " He says that, "Mankind has never had a greater need for science, and for the spark of human ingenuity to apply this to tackling today's great global challenges." King explains that the UK creates more academic papers on the subject than Germany, France or Japan, and only slightly trails behind the far larger economy of the US. He goes on to explain that science has a stern test ahead, as the global population is set to continue rising, mostly in developing countries that aspire to a Western, and therefore polluting, lifestyle. His solution is to encourage talented youth to consider a career in science, and to help develop technologies that will allow us to face the challenges ahead. It is his hope that, "It is a powerful demonstration that in the UK we have been able to grow our economy in real terms by around half since 1990, whilst greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 15%. Action is affordable and is the pro-growth strategy. It is inaction that we cannot afford." :: BBC