Save the Environment By Storing Your CO2 in Plastic Bags (Video)

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So, what about just storing excess CO2 in plastic bags in our homes? Wouldn't that be better than releasing it into the atmosphere? No, not convinced? See what you think about this crazy idea after checking out this video from Brighter Planet.

Bagging Climate Change from Brighter Planet on Vimeo.

Um, yes. There's an easier way. In particular, three easier ways come to mind immediately.

Brighter Planet has launched a social-network-ready web service for environmentalists of all shades of green. They're a great resource for figuring out easier ways as well.

"Americans ranked lowest in National Geographic's recent Greendex survey on consumer progress toward environmentally sustainable consumption and citizen behavior, but they also exhibited a stronger-than-average belief that their personal actions can make a difference," said Patti Prairie, Brighter Planet's CEO. "We see opportunity in the gap between those findings. Most people want to be greener. We show them how personal choices add up, how to get started, and where to pick off low-hanging fruit."

With Brighter Planet's calculator, you can check on your carbon footprint as you make changes, plus share your progress and ideas through photos and videos on the site.

There are easier ways to keep carbon out of the atmosphere than storing it in plastic bags in your home...starting with not using plastic bags...

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