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What do you get when you cross an aerospace engineer with the game of golf?Have you ever thought about the number of tees you go through over a typical season of golf? Golf Magazine reports that the average golfer uses somewhere around 7 wood tees per round of golf. If you consider that the average golfer plays once a week, you can assume they go through somewhere between 25 to 30 tees per month, or 336 per year.

Okay, so tees are pretty small, right? Well, yes, but as every schoolyard bully eventually finds out, size can be overcome by numbers. It takes one full-grown, adult Birch tree to manufacture 200,000 tees. In other words, one tree can support 600 golfers with enough tees to last them one year. According to the National Golf Foundation and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), over 25 million Americans play golf. That's a lot of tees and trees over the course of that one year.

A New Breed of Tee
"My main partner worked at Boeing as a design engineer," says Scott Zeida of Launcher Tee. "One day while playing golf he said, (Look at) all these broken wood tees... and thus the story began." Scott Zeida introduced Tee guard to protect the standard wooden tee from premature breakage. "Our very first product was Tee Guard," said Scott. "Originally we thought, lets protect that little tee, thus our Company name, but 6 months later we realized we had something better... the Launcher Tee."

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Photo via: Launcher Tee

Launcher Tee is a composite resin tee designed to never break. It looks and functions just like a standard wood tee, but has been manufactured to handle some of the worst slices and grass flubs known to man or woman. "Why," says Scott. "Because there is no reason to have the tee break—golf in general has gravitated from Wood Drivers, so its time for the tee to make the change." What's another important reason to Scott? Why the trees of course.

Our little girl, Sophia (age 5), recently had me come to her Kindergarten class as part of, What Does Your Dad Do Day. I asked the kids, Why is it good that we have a tee that never breaks? This little boy says, You can save a tree!

For those who enjoy taking the afternoon off to play a round or two, don't nickel and dime the forest to death with that mean, wooden tee killing hook shot. If a composite substitute isn't to your liking, there are also plenty of biodegradable tees and biodegradable golf balls out there to choose from. Forget about that golf cart if you really want to be green, and as far as those gorgeous lush greens go, look for the clubs that use as much low water maintenance grounds (zero-scaping) as possible.

Yeah, I know... it ain't always easy being green!
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