Sanyo's Pedometer Charges With Each Step

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Photo via TBG

With all the talk of kinetic energy generators, it's nice to see the idea getting some practical application. Leaving behind the lofty goal of trying to charge every gadget you own through movement, Sanyo is looking to make a device that simply charges itself while you use it.

The company is creating a prototype of a pedometer that captures the kinetic energy of your footfall while you walk or jog. The pedometer is able to generate about 40 microwatts, which is just enough to power itself. It may seem anticlimactic at a time when people are looking for devices that do everything but wash the dishes while using just a drop of sunshine as a power source.

But perhaps Sanyo is on exactly the right track – a device that is charged while doing exactly what it was made to do. It makes a lovely circle to have a device made to count steps being powered by each step it counts.

And while you wouldn’t want to throw on a pair of kinetic energy-capturing shoes just yet, that might be a viable option a few years down the road for keeping your MP3 player charged up while on the go.

Via GoodCleanTech
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