Sanyo's New Battery Factory Can Make 1 Million Lithium-Ion Cells Per Month

sanyo lithium ion battery planet photo

Sanyo showing off its solar panels. Photo: Sanyo
That's a Lot of Batteries
Sanyo has announced the completion of its brand-spanking-new battery factory in Kasai city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. There it will make lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, bringing Sanyo closer to its goal being a dominant player in the EV market. "The factory will start with a production capacity of 1 million cells per month, with the aim to expand the production scale depending on demand." The company's current partners when it comes to li-ion batteries are the Volkswagen group and Suzuki, but that list will probably get longer soon (Sanyo was already producing NiMH batteries for Ford, Honda, and PSA Peugeot Citroen).
Outline of the new factory

1. Construction cost: Approximately 13 billion yen (excluding costs for incidental works etc)
2. Construction schedule: Groundbreaking in September 2009, Completion in July 2010
3. Total floor area: 42,831m2 (five-story)
4. Product: Lithium-ion batteries for eco-friendly vehicles
5. Production capacity: 1 million cells per month at the beginning (planned)

Hopefully all these new battery factories will help drive down the cost of plug-in hybrids and electric cars rapidly through improved technology and economies of scale.

Update: Sanyo to Increase Automotive Li-Ion Battery Production by 150% at Kasai Plant

Via Sanyo, via ABG
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