Sandip Paul's Clotheline Clip


Sandip Paul, an Indian electrical engineer by profession, has also been turning his hand to industrial design. In 2004 he won a Design Excellence Award, for a disposal cup. We are pleased to see he’s moved on from the disposal notion, with his design concept for a clothes peg, made entirely from recycled plastic. Less waste at production time, and easier to recycle again. But on top of that, the design comes with two sets of jaws. It is said that if one fails, this does not affect the function of the other. Thus doubling the potential life of his clothes peg design. It is intended that they slide over the garment and clothes line, rather than open and close spring-like as most pegs do. Manufacturers are sought who’d be interested in producing the Clotheline Clip. Have a look at a clothes peg photo gallery, on DesignBoom, for an idea of the competition that Sandip Paul faces. One respondent to his blog wondered who uses clothes pegs anymore. TH wholeheartedly encourages their application. Solar line drying of clothes being so much more earth friendly than tumble driers. More on the clip at ::Differential Design, via Dexigner