Sandals Made From Computer Parts Are For the Geek Fashionista

data sandals photo

Photos by Steven Rodrig

Steven Rodrig is at it again. Last spring he created that awesome pair of high heels out of circuit boards, which we all ogled at either through appreciation or confusion. And this summer, he's created a rather amazing pair of sandals. Rodrig has a knack for dreaming up, and building, some unusual items out of old computer parts. These "Data Sandals" are "fashioned from PC mother boards, ribbon wire and a host of other electronic components all put together to make these highly detailed and one of a kind Sandals," writes Rodrig on his Etsy page.

data sandals photo

Of course, there's a downside...

As Discovery News writes, "They're cool, they're highly detailed and they're one of a kind; the only thing they're really not is wearable. Display them, gently fondle them or stare at them in awe -- just don't put them on."

data sandals photo

Despite not being able to wear them, any geek with an eye for fashion -- or any fashionista with an eye for the unique and interesting, for that matter -- would appreciate having these in their home, I'm sure.

If you're game, they're $350.00 on Etsy.
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