Samsung's Newest Eco-Friendly Cell Phone Hits Stores

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Samsung has been known to put out some green-minded cell phones, from the Blue Earth solar powered phone that seemed promising to the Reclaim, an inexpensive phone for the masses that carries a lighter footprint. Now, their Restore has just been released, perfect for anyone with an affinity for texting rather than talking. Boy Genius Report tips us off to Samsung's announcement that the phone went on sale over the weekend.

The Restore floats right in the middle-ground for both style and price, so that while it doesn't stand out from the crowd in a very big way, that's kind of the point when it comes to green(er) products. We're excited that electronics with tiny environmental footprints are blending into the crowd, being picked up by mainstream consumers. It makes green no longer a novelty, but a competitive selling point. With a contract price of just $50, this phone -- while not stop-us-in-our-tracks impressively green (in fact, it just barely manages to stay on this side of the greenwash fence) -- will hopefully put us a few steps closer to more eco-friendly choices.

Though Samsung is busy trying to improve their phone line-up, they're still struggling to meet some minimum standards by green groups. Greenpeace called the company out for backing off of a promiseto phase out toxic materials from its line-up. While the Restore meets Samsung's eco-criteria that addresses a reduction in toxic materials, the company hasn't accomplished a full phase out.

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