Samsung's Clever Idea For A Tablet Device to Replace Cell Phones

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Tablets just add to the gadget pile-up. Photo by edvvc via Flickr Creative Commons

My biggest beef with tablet devices is that they don't replace anything we have in our gadget line-up. They do more than a smart phone or e-reader, but less than a laptop. Most people are purchasing tablet devices as an addition to their gadget artillery, rather than buying them instead of something. And that means we have yet more soon-to-be-obsolete devices flooding the consumer stream. However, Samsung has a clever idea for their tablet devices that could change all this, and move tablet devices into a must-have category all their own. The problem with tablets is they can accomplish everything a smart phone can do, like check email, catch up on social media sites, watch videos and so on, but the bigger screen size (and for many, the touch screen capability) makes doing many of these tasks more comfortable than it would be on a smart phone. In fact, surfing the web and checking email, and even reading the news or books on a tablet is even more comfortable and convenient than on a laptop since they're lighter and thinner. However, the downside is that they can't answer phone calls like a smart phone, and they don't have the speed or storage space of laptops.

But for those of us who mainly use laptops for said surfing, a tablet innovation by Samsung could mean that the device can replace both a laptop and a cell phone. reports that Samsung came up with the idea of adding a tiny, sleek Bluetooth receiver to their Galaxy Tab device which would allow users to answer phone calls with their tablet device.

"Called the HM5000 or Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset, the thin little Bluetooth stick can pair with up to two devices simultaneously. When not in use, it has a clip, so it can be tucked into any pocket and alert you of incoming calls with a built-in vibrator."

Pocket Lint states that the Bluetooth device is made to look like a pen, so it fits discretely in your pocket. However, there isn't a way to hook it to your ear, so it isn't hands-free. Pocket Lint has a bunch of photos of the device.

It's a great idea that I'm sure a lot of consumers would like. I can think of quite a few members of my family and friends' families who use cell phones only for calling people, and use laptops for only a handful of tasks. This set up could then essentially replace the cell phone, e-reader and laptops from their collections, helping to cut down dramatically on energy use and e-waste in the long run.

I definitely hope Samsung follows through with this idea.

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