Samsung Shows Us Just How Power Hungry the Cloud is in New Infographic

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Samsung Semiconductor has created an infographic called "Clean the Cloud" that breaks down the numbers on just how fast cloud computing is growing and the data centers that power those operations are growing along with it. Smartphones and tablets have been major contributors to the expansion of cloud computing as well as companies that are transitioning to or operating entirely through cloud data hosting services instead of having in-house servers.

As cloud data centers multiply and expand, so do their environmental footprints. Check out the infographic below for some troubling statistics, like the fact that data center power consumption is doubling every five years and more.

samsung cloud infographic© Samsung

As you can see at the bottom of the infographic, Samsung Semiconductor didn't put this all together for fun. They've come up with an energy-saving solution for data centers called Samsung Green Server Solution. It's a combination of their server tools that provide greater memory efficiency and capacity to help cut the energy demands of the servers themselves, but also for the data centers as a whole because more efficient servers means fewer are needed, which means less energy needed for cooling. In fact, Samsung says their solution could cut total data center power consumption by a whopping 44 percent.

Samsung Shows Us Just How Power Hungry the Cloud is in New Infographic
Data centers that support the cloud are multiplying and expanding and the environmental impact is rising just as fast.

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