Samsung Says: Water-Powered Hydrogen Micro Fuel Cell on the Way, We Promise


The phrase "hydrogen fuel cell" seems to make about half of all TreeHuggers salivate with anticipation and the other half roll their eyes in pipe-dreamed disgust. This story has a little something for both sides: Samsung has announced that they have a micro fuel cell capable of powering cell phones for 10 hours with nothing more than a shot of water.

The fuel cell will fuel hydrogen cartridges that will need changing every four days or so, if you use the phone for four hours a day. Once they get the hang of that, Samsung plans to upgrade the design so all you'll need to do is put some water in your cellphone and talk, talk, talk. For the optimist, there's so pretty neat stuff to look forward to: finally, a small water-powered fuel cell that doesn't require methanol and isn't a clock or a calculator. For those of you rolling your eyes, we haven't forgotten you: there's a possibility that this technology won't make it to production, partially signifying all the broken promises of the hydrogen economy. Samsung says we'll have to wait until 2010 to figure out which group is right. ::Chosun via ::Gizmodo

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