Samsung Leads Energy Efficiency Rankings for Refrigerators

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Enervee, an organization that ranks the energy efficiency performance of household appliances, has released their findings on refrigerators.

Enervee says, "Before jumping at the next sale on Refrigerators, you should be aware that fridge 
energy costs range from $277 to as high as $2,898 over the lifetime of the product.
 Yes, you read that right. You may find, based on energy costs, it is cheaper to buy 
a state of the art new fridge than keep your old one."

Their report ranks Samsung as the best brand overall with a score of 68 out of 100 across all of its models. The other major finding in their assessment was that out of the various refrigerator types, top freezer models were the most efficient, scoring an average of 68 out of 100 compared to the least efficient type, side by side, which had got an average score of 52 out of 100.

Savings when using a high efficiency refrigerator compared to one with a low score could amount $769 over 12 years.

Check out the entire graphic showing scores and cost comparisons below.

enervee fridge rankings© Enervee

Samsung Leads Energy Efficiency Rankings for Refrigerators
A new report from Enervee rates the major appliance brands and tells you how much you can save.

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