Salvage an Old Laptop as a Home Entertainment Hub (Video)

laptop entertainment hub image

The folks over at LAPTOP have put together a really great instructional video that shows you how to take an old laptop that you might be tempted to drop off for e-waste recycling, and turn it into a whole new awesome home entertainment hub.

What they've done with a laptop that many users would think is past its prime is pretty inspirational. We love seeing old devices made new again, rather than tossed. Keeping useful products in the stream is definitely greener than that next best alternative - recycling.

We of course would also like to see this project combined with energy efficiency measures, such as hooking it up with something like the TrickleSaver or customizing power settings. So if you create a similar hack that incorporates some cool ways to cut down on power consumption, let us know!

Via Huffington Post
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